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helping the community during coronavirus

How to Help your Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Chip Nix, Attorneys at Law |

It’s fair to say that no area of Alabama has escaped the pandemic invasion of COVID-19. The virus does not recognize ethnic or socio-economic boundaries. Every county in Alabama is reporting cases with the largest numbers in the most populated counties, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.  Most of us are following… Read More »

pedestrian accident attorneys in Montgomery

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents Could Increase During Coronavirus Shutdowns

By Chip Nix |

Ever since the coronavirus hit our shores earlier this year, life has not been the same. When Alabama’s governor issued stay-at-home orders April 4, the goal was to avoid catching or transmitting the potentially deadly coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Alabamians were told to stay home, but they were allowed to go outside to… Read More »

how are personal injury claims affected by coronavirus?

How are Personal Injury Settlements being Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

By Chip Nix |

In the future, many will refer to history in terms of life before COVID-19 and life after COVID-19. Never in our lifetimes have we experienced anything so life-altering and, in this pandemic has impacted everyone’s life in one way or another. While the law office of Chip Nix remains open, we are taking sterilization… Read More »

truck accident attorney in Birmingham

What Must I Do to Prove my Truck Accident Case?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

With more than 9,000 trucking companies in Alabama, our law firm sees a fair share of truck accident cases. These are particularly dangerous for the car drivers and their passengers in that a big rig is several times larger than a passenger car. As a result, the injuries to the passenger car occupants are… Read More »

left turn accident in Montgomery

Left Turn Accidents: Who is Responsible?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

You sit at an intersection waiting to make a left turn. You wait for a while, knowing you don’t have the right of way. Hopefully, before too long, traffic clears, and you can make your left turn safely into the left-hand lane of the new flow of traffic. But the reality is left turns… Read More »


What Can Be Done to Prevent Drivers from Sending Texts?

By H.E. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

We are officially in the digital age, and that means many people cannot go even five minutes without checking their phone. The obsessive behavior continues behind the wheel. Estimates are conservative – one in five drivers will use their phone to text while driving and it is being done by drivers of all ages…. Read More »


How Do I Know if I Might Have Traumatic Brain Injury?

By H.E. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traumatic brain injury or TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the U.S. TBI occurs when a person hits their head on a stationary object or is struck in the head. A TBI can result from an auto accident where the… Read More »


How Common is Drowsy Driving?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Drowsy Driving – It’s more common than you think. Your eyes droop, your head nods. You may recognize that as a sign you are getting tired. But when you recognize the signs, do you hesitate to get behind the wheel? Most of us think we can power through the sleepiness and maybe have some… Read More »


Second Impact Syndrome & Other Concussion Complications

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

An athlete returns to the game before symptoms from a mild head injury subside. If he is injured again, this is known as Second-Impact Syndrome (SIS) and can be very serious and even lead to death. Unfortunately, many of the victims of SIS are young athletes. A concussion and its serious aftermath can also… Read More »


Key Questions to Ask If You Are Looking to Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

If you or any of the members of your family are injured in an accident which was caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of a third party, it is crucial for you to hire a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer who can establish the at-fault party’s negligence in court and recover damages… Read More »

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