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What Can Be Done to Prevent Drivers from Sending Texts?

By H.E. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

We are officially in the digital age, and that means many people cannot go even five minutes without checking their phone. The obsessive behavior continues behind the wheel. Estimates are conservative – one in five drivers will use their phone to text while driving and it is being done by drivers of all ages…. Read More »


How Do I Know if I Might Have Traumatic Brain Injury?

By H.E. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traumatic brain injury or TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the U.S. TBI occurs when a person hits their head on a stationary object or is struck in the head. A TBI can result from an auto accident where the… Read More »


How Common is Drowsy Driving?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Drowsy Driving – It’s more common than you think. Your eyes droop, your head nods. You may recognize that as a sign you are getting tired. But when you recognize the signs, do you hesitate to get behind the wheel? Most of us think we can power through the sleepiness and maybe have some… Read More »


Second Impact Syndrome & Other Concussion Complications

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

An athlete returns to the game before symptoms from a mild head injury subside. If he is injured again, this is known as Second-Impact Syndrome (SIS) and can be very serious and even lead to death. Unfortunately, many of the victims of SIS are young athletes. A concussion and its serious aftermath can also… Read More »


Key Questions to Ask If You Are Looking to Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

If you or any of the members of your family are injured in an accident which was caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of a third party, it is crucial for you to hire a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer who can establish the at-fault party’s negligence in court and recover damages… Read More »


Accidents with Poorly Loaded Trucks

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Very few vehicles on the road are as dangerous as a poorly loaded truck. If the load shifts to either side or falls out, the results could be catastrophic. Due to the sheer size of commercial trucks and the amount of cargo they tend to carry, the consequences of a truck accident can be… Read More »


How to Avoid Sun Glare Accidents

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

During most of the year, driving to and from work or school is a routine activity. But at certain times – particularly during the months when the days get shorter – a largely unpredictable hazard can emerge; sun glare. You are driving home from work one afternoon, and it’s been a normal day like… Read More »


How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

You are enjoying a casual stroll on a cool, fall evening while on your way to visit a friend. As you cross the street, a car comes out of nowhere and crashes into you. That is all you remember…until you wake up in a hospital bed hooked up to a machine with tubes running… Read More »


My Spouse Died in a Workplace Accident, Can I File a Wrongful Death Claim?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

You say goodbye to your spouse as he heads off to work. You had no idea that would be the last time you’d see him alive. The death of a loved one is not only shocking, but it can devastate a family. Your children will lose their father, your household may lose its breadwinner,… Read More »


Caring for a Loved One with TBI

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

The phone rings and you get the worst news of your life. A loved one has been injured in an accident and is in a coma. You are not sure they will survive. The coma results from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which happens when the head receives a jolt, a blow, or a… Read More »

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