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Swimming Pool Accidents in Alabama - Chip Nix Attorney at Law

Pool Safety and Preventing Accidents Around the Pool in Alabama

By Rob Rosasco |

According to the national education campaign entitled Pool Safely, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children between one and four years old. This includes natural bodies of water as well as private and public pools and spas. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that an average of 10 people a day… Read More »

Different Types of Alabama Car Accidents - Chip Nix Attorney at Law

What Are the Most Common Types of Auto Accidents?

By Rob Rosasco |

Getting into an auto accident can have life-changing consequences. While some car crashes are minor and leave victims with a few scrapes, others can result in serious injuries that require expensive medical care, lost time from work, and cause permanent impairment. The most devastating car accidents even lead to loss of life. The National Highway Traffic… Read More »

Playground Injuries in Alabama - Chip Nix Attorney at Law

What You Need to Know About Playground Equipment Safety and Dangerous Accidents in Alabama

By Rob Rosasco |

Playgrounds and schools provide environments for your children to learn, play, and have social interaction with other children. There are also some inherent dangers at these locales due to problems of poor upkeep, manufacturer’s defects, and lack of supervision. When you take your child to a local park or place them in the care… Read More »

6 Things to do immediately after a car accident - Chip Nix Attorney at Law

Six Things You Must Do Immediately After An Accident

By Rob Rosasco |

Nobody likes to think that they will be involved in an accident, so they don’t plan for what to do in that situation. Unfortunately, most people will be involved in at least a minor accident at some point in their life. While car accidents are among the most common and expected, it could be… Read More »

Car Accident Burn Injuries

Car Accidents can Cause Severe Burn Injuries 

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

It’s not very pleasant to think about, but it is a fact of life that some very serious injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents where fires are involved. Anyone who has been trapped in a vehicle while it’s burning can suffer some very serious injuries which not only cause a great deal of… Read More »

Chip Nix Auto Accident Attorney

Accidents Caused by Road Rage

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Have you ever been angry about that guy behind you insists on tailgating? You may slow down or speed up or even turn on your emergency flashers. You may even be tempted to step on your brakes to send a message.  Finally, you just take a deep breath and get over it. But for… Read More »

Car Accident Lawyer Montgomery

Speed – What Type of Impact Does it Have on Car Accidents?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Everyone knows that speeding is dangerous, and increases the risk of a crash. But speed doesn’t just affect the chances that a crash is going to occur; when it comes to a car accident, one factor that can have the biggest impact on severity and damages is the speed at which the vehicles are… Read More »

accident with state vehicle

Who’s Liable if I’m Involved in an Accident with a State Highway Vehicle?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

The majority of car accidents that occur in Alabama involve private citizens who are driving their personally-owned vehicles. As such, when a crash occurs, the responsible driver’s insurance is responsible for paying compensation to the other from the policyholder’s liability insurance. But what happens when an accident is caused by a state highway vehicle,… Read More »

Image that reads wrongful death

More Workplace Deaths in 2015 than in the Past Six Years

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently released its report on the number of on-the-job deaths in 2015, along with the causes of those deaths and the populations most likely to be affected. The results show that more people died at work than in any year since 2008. The families of workers who… Read More »


Distracted Driving Accidents

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Car accidents comprise a common catastrophe that take place far too often on the roads of Alabama. To be sure, the Alabama Department of Transportation (DoT) asserts that a traffic crash was reported every 240 seconds in 2014, many of which led to tragic injuries and fatalities. And while these statistics are disturbing, the… Read More »

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