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statute of limitations on personal injury claims

Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury Cases

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you will want to understand the term “statute of limitations.” This is the time frame within which you must file your common-law action. The limitations are set so someone does not have an unfinished legal issue hanging over their head indefinitely. At the same time, the injured… Read More »

credible witness in a car accident

What Makes Someone a Credible Witness for a Car Crash Claim?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

You are in a car accident. In order to recover the cost of the accident – the damage to your car and your medical expenses- you will have to recount exactly what happened?  Who was the at-fault party who should pay? But the question must be asked, are you the best witness to what… Read More »

stay off social media during a personal injury case

Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During a Personal Injury Claim

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

It’s almost hard to imagine that social media is a recent phenomenon and has only been with us for less than 20 years. Today, almost everyone has a multitude of social media accounts, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok; the list goes on and on. Some people are seriously addicted to their accounts where… Read More »

summer camp injury

Who is Responsible if my Child is Injured at Summer Camp?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

With summer camp season just around the corner, many kids and their parents are anxious to have some outdoor fun to put behind the restrictions posed by the COVID lockdown. Camps are readying for the surge of new youngsters by preparing cabins, bunks, the dining room and kitchens, and equipment. Staff is being hired… Read More »

following doctors orders

The Importance of Following Doctor’s Orders After an Accident

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Following the orders of your doctor is called “medical adherence” and it is surprising how many patients choose to ignore their doctor after an accident. This failure to follow through on treatment can put your health at risk. Many personal injuries can impact your health – a dog bite, a slip and fall, an… Read More »

whiplash injury attorney in alabama

How Whiplash Can Cause Lasting Trauma & Pain

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

It can happen in a second without warning. Suddenly you are rear-ended while behind the wheel. Your head and neck snap back upon impact.   Whiplash is a quite common injury resulting from a rear-end collision with about 200,000 U.S. incidents a year. Just because it is a common injury does not mean you… Read More »

open and obvious defense

What Does “Open & Obvious” Mean in Premises Liability Cases?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

“Open and Obvious” is a defense term in premises liability litigation and it describes exactly what it says. Say you were visiting someone’s property or you are in a parking lot, the landowner or property owner will claim that he is not liable for your injury because the cracked sidewalk you tripped on or… Read More »

the discovery process in a personal injury case

Understanding the Discovery Process in a Personal Injury Case

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

You’ve been in an accident through no fault of your own. Estimates are that in your lifetime in Alabama, you have a one-in-three chance of being in an auto accident. While we hope it doesn’t happen to you, if it does, it pays to understand the process you’ll be going through to get the… Read More »

children in pedestrian accident

What Should a Parent Do When a Child Is Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Pedestrian injuries involving cars are on the rise. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 6,283 pedestrian deaths in 2018, which represents a 3 percent increase from the previous year.  These numbers do not include bicycles, electric scooters, or a skateboard that a child may be riding. While adults are… Read More »

can the auto repair shop be held liable for my car accident?

Can Auto Repair Shops Be Held Liable for a Car Accident?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

It may seem counterintuitive. You go to a car shop to have your vehicle repaired but what if the business actually contributed to you getting into an accident?  It can happen.  Have you ever been to a mechanic and left with the problem not resolved? Or another problem happens that wasn’t there before you… Read More »

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