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spinal cord injury attorney in Montgomery, AlabamaA serious spinal cord injury will nearly always cause significant, permanent disability. Persons living with spinal injury face daily challenges and a lifetime of additional expenses that must be met. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law, helps spinal cord injury victims in Montgomery and throughout Alabama who were injured due to the negligence or misconduct of another in a car or truck crash, workplace accident, or due to a defective product. Unlike disc herniations and bulges, serious spinal cord injuries can be life-threatening. Below is a brief discussion of serious spinal cord injury, and the ways Chip Nix can help you or your loved one with your claim.

Spinal Cord Injury Facts and Information

The spinal cord is the main bundle of nerves running directly from the brain and down along the spine, enclosed for safety in the vertebrae making up the spinal column. From the spinal cord, nerves branch out to every area of the body, where they send and receive signals conveying sensory and motor information. An intact spinal cord is therefore essential for both feeling and movement, as well as the operation of all internal body organs and functions, including essential functions such as breathing and swallowing.

If the spinal cord is injured, feeling and movement and bodily functions for all parts of the body on the level of and below the injury are affected. An injury to the lumbar spine can make a person lose the use of their legs (paraplegia) as well as the ability to control their bowels and bladder, and have sexual function. Higher up, a spinal injury may cause the loss of use of both arms and legs (quadriplegia) and can even impact essential body functions like breathing. An injury to the spinal cord can be fatal and frequently requires the victim to receive emergency medical treatment. Life expectancy after such a severe injury may be significantly affected.

Persons living with spinal injury and paralysis face challenges every day to perform simple tasks and functions most of us take for granted and don’t even think about. In order to achieve the maximum in self-care, independence and mobility, a spinal cord injury victim may need extensive adaptations to the home and vehicle, including assistive technology devices. For some, residence in an assisted living facility or nursing home is necessary, while others may get by at home with the help of a caregiver. These and many other expenses, both past and future, must be calculated and claimed correctly.

The initial medical treatment of a spinal injury, along with a lengthy period of rehabilitation and physical therapy, is usually very expensive. Recovering the full costs of the injury in a personal injury claim requires consideration not only of these costs and any diminished earning capacity due to disability, but also the entire lifetime of medical care and supplies, technology and other adaptations required for the best quality of life attainable. An experienced attorney may work with economists, physical therapists or physiatrists, and other experts and professionals to develop a life care plan that accounts for all additional costs over a lifetime. Preparing and documenting a thorough and persuasive case for damages is key to obtaining the maximum compensation in a spinal injury case.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation for Your Alabama Spinal Injury Claim

Montgomery Attorney Chip Nix has devoted his career to helping personal injury victims get the care and compensation they need and deserve after being harmed by another’s careless or wrongful acts. Throughout Alabama, call Chip Nix, Attorney at Law, at 334-279-7770 for a free consultation regarding your potential claims.

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