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Alabama personal injury lawyer distinguishes between types of brain injury

traumatic brain injury attorneyNo two injuries are alike, and that is especially true when talking about trauma to the brain. When an external force meets the head, a brain injury can easily result. While some brain injuries may result in coma, temporary or permanent, others may cause only a minor concussion. A heavy hit during a football game can be the cause of a concussion or a temporary dysfunction of brain activity. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law, represents victims of injuries resulting in injury to the brain.

What to do after a blow to the head

After a solid or hard blow to the head, it is critical to seek medical attention. Even a blow that does not cause a loss of consciousness can result in a concussion with lingering symptoms like irritability, loss of memory and lack of sleep. Torn brain tissue, bruising of the brain or a sharp object penetrating the skull are potential effects of an accident. Car accidents, truck, and workplace injuries at industrial sites can all result in an injury to the brain, and such an injury can remain hidden or lie dormant. Take care of your brain. Be mindful that brain injuries can be hard to detect. Ask yourself whether you have the following:

  • Cognitive changes. Cognitive changes result from brain injuries that affect memory and attention span. Changes in cognitive ability can include difficulty in solving problems and a complete or partial loss of reading and writing skills.
  • Physical changes. Brain injuries can result in partial or minor paralysis, speaking difficulties, poor muscle coordination and a host of other difficult-to- understand physical changes.
  • Changes in personality. The ability to control emotions can be affected when trauma to the brain is sustained. People suffering a brain injury are often depressed and have difficulty in social settings.

Bringing a claim for a brain injury

An injury to the brain resulting from an accident is a personal injury. The statute of limitations to bring a claim for personal injury in Alabama is two years. If you are the victim of an accident that caused a brain injury, preserve your claim by filing in a timely manner. Chip Nix, Attorney at Law, is experienced in all forms of personal injury, including trauma to the brain. Car accidents, sports injuries, physical violence, and industrial accidents are among the types of trauma that can result in a head injury. A few common symptoms of such an injury include shortened attention span, fatigue, paralysis, spatial disorientation and memory loss. Contact a skilled attorney to evaluate your case and file your claim.

Call an attorney with experience in representing people with head injuries

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