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Whenever you purchase an automobile, whether it is new or used, you expect that it will be in sound working condition. Before buying a used car, you will usually have a mechanic check it out or use a service that certifies it is running well and has not been in an accident.  

Alabama’s Lemon Laws generally will not cover a used vehicle, but the state’s Lemon Law does protect you from design flaws or defective car parts in a new vehicle, as long as it wasn’t in an accident.

But the truth is that automobiles are not always up to the standards you would expect, and you can’t always tell by looking. That means you might be putting yourself and your family’s safety in jeopardy if a manufacturer or car dealer sold you a car with defective parts or a design flaw.

The law offices of Chip Nix in Montgomery, Alabama will help you hold the manufacturer liable for any injuries suffered as a result of a defective car part.

Defective Car Parts

Our office has seen many accidents that were preventable if a car had met the manufacturer’s promises. For example:

  • Tires – Obviously, blowouts can happen when a tire has worn down its tread, but we’ve also seen tires blow that were new with adequate tread. In some cases, the tires were defective when they came out of the shop. After manufacturing, heat and pressure are applied, but they can be overcured which can lead to a sidewall break. A defective tire can cause an experienced, careful driver to veer out of his lane and into oncoming traffic. In other cases, a new tire may have been stored improperly and dry rot is happening inside. You may not be able to tell by looking at the tread, but these are extremely dangerous to install on your car. Our law firm will uncover the source of the tire and how it was manufactured or stored.
  • Roof Strength Failure – The cause of death in a rollover accident is often from being thrown from the vehicle or a weak roof structure which crushes the occupants. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) measures roof strength and rates roofs from one to five stars, the safest. Always check to determine the roof strength of your vehicle. The stability of the vehicle will determine how top heavy the vehicle is and able to roll. Check the Static Stability Factor (SSF), also through NHTSA.
  • Air Bag Failure – Unfortunately, we often do not understand an airbag is defective until it fails. Airbag recalls happen regularly. In some cases, such as the Takata airbag recall, even a minor collision can cause deployment of sharp metal fragments from within the airbag. Hundreds were severely injured and the airbag failure led to ten deaths. The cause of the airbag failure was exposure to humidity, manufacturing, and design problems as well as the use of the volatile chemical, ammonium nitrate.
  • Brake Failures – Many brake failures are due to owner neglect, but other causes may include a manufacturing or design defect. Often these defects are not identified until it is too late. When a manufacturer or a brake repair shop cuts corners by purchasing low quality parts, the effectiveness of the brakes can be compromised which plays a role in brake failure.  
  • Seat Belt Failure – A seat belt can fail due to a defective latch, webbing of the belt, or retractor. When a seat belt unlatches inadvertently, or the retractor fails to lock or tighten the seat belt, the occupant is not protected and can become a projectile inside the vehicle.  

Your Alabama Defective Car Part Attorney

Auto manufacturers may endeavor to let an auto dealership know about a defective auto part but the public is kept in the dark when these are misnamed, “Technical Service Bulletins”. While the dealership may receive a notice, they are not always published.

If you or a family member have been injured by a defective auto part, we will examine your case to see if it is possible to seek a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer, dealership or auto shop. The law office of Chip Nix can prepare your defective auto parts case to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Call our Montgomery office today a 334-203-6669 or contact us online so we can get to work for you.

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