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How Dashcam Evidence Helps Car Accident Claims

How Dashcam Evidence Helps Car Accident Claims

By Chip Nix |

Assuming you are a safe driver, there may be a low-cost technology that assures another driver won’t blame you for causing an accident when behind the wheel. A dash camera is an onboard recorder, also known as a dash cam, event data recorder (EDR), or digital video recorder (DVR). You can mount the camera… Read More »

The Differences Between a Settlement and a Verdict in Personal Injury Cases

The Differences Between a Settlement and a Verdict in Personal Injury Cases

By Chip Nix |

Unless you’ve been involved in a lawsuit, you may not fully understand the difference between a case that ends with a settlement and a case where the jurors award financial compensation following a verdict in your favor.  A civil suit can be filed when the actions of a negligent person have injured you. Unlike… Read More »

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How to Stay Safe When Driving a Car at Night

By Chip Nix |

Most of us would probably opt not to drive in the evening if we could avoid it. Nighttime is not the chosen time for any long or short distance driving unless you need to get to and from work or a gathering. The roads may have fewer cars, but visibility is reduced at night,… Read More »

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The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in a Personal Injury Case

By Chip Nix |

A personal injury case, whether a car accident, premises slip and fall, a dog bite, or a pedestrian accident, will require accurate record-keeping in order to recover your claim for damages against the at-fault party. Once injured, you likely will be transported to a nearby medical facility. There you will be seen by doctors… Read More »

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The Role of Driver Fatigue in Commercial Truck Accidents

By Chip Nix |

You are right to be frightened of those big commercial trucks and buses you pass on the roadway. Fatigued truck drivers contribute to approximately 40% of all heavy truck crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Those numbers translated to more than 42,000 crashes a year in 2021, according to the Insurance… Read More »

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How Music and Audio Distractions Contribute to Car Accidents

By Chip Nix |

Hitting the road for a long drive, you’ve probably made sure your favorite playlist was along for the ride. Who among us has not sung along with a classic oldie or Motown favorite or sped up with the beats per minute (BPM)?    There is no doubt that music can calm the savage beast, improve concentration,… Read More »

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The Correlation Between Car Accidents and Mental Health Issues

By Chip Nix |

Driving a car is not simply entering the vehicle, directing the steering wheel, and pressing the gas pedal. Your mental state before getting behind the wheel can impact how safely you get to your destination. Humans are not machines, and the art of living can affect every human activity, including driving.  In Alabama, you face a… Read More »

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The Legal Aspects of Car Accidents Involving Rental Vehicles

By Chip Nix |

When you are on vacation, you are driving unfamiliar roads. Sudden lights, stop signs, and unexpected turns all increase the chance of being in a car accident. You may be focusing your attention on the GPS and not see what lies ahead.   Whether you are on vacation or close to home, a car… Read More »

Spinal Cord Injury

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean in a Car Crash Claim?

By Lauren Carni |

If you are injured in an Alabama serious car crash, you likely have a long road of recovery ahead. Your injuries will not heal overnight. You will have numerous appointments with doctors and therapists. You may need physical therapy and equipment to help you walk again. You may need to undergo extensive treatment for… Read More »

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Are Auto Accidents More Common in Rural or Urban Areas?

By Chip Nix, Attorney at Law |

Alabama’s crash statistics give us a good picture of how drivers are affected by auto accidents in Alabama. The most recent statistics from Drive Safe Alabama, part of the state Department of Transportation, reports that in 2020, 932 people were killed in 853 fatal crashes. For each one of those fatalities, there were about… Read More »

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