The Importance of Following Doctor’s Orders After an Accident

following doctors orders

Following the orders of your doctor is called “medical adherence” and it is surprising how many patients choose to ignore their doctor after an accident. This failure to follow through on treatment can put your health at risk.

Many personal injuries can impact your health – a dog bite, a slip and fall, an auto or truck accident, or a motorcycle accident. Maybe you are assaulted at work or have fallen from a scaffold. These are personal injuries that happen every day through no fault of the injured person.

At this time, it is important not to go it alone. If you have medical bills, lost wages, or if an injured family member needs therapy and surgery, it is important to contact the law office of Chip Nix right away to seek the compensation you will need to cover these unexpected expenses.

It is also important to follow the medical protocol your treating physician suggests. Not following doctors’ orders, especially with a potentially chronic condition, may allow the injury to progress and decrease your quality of life. It will also open the door to the insurance company for the at-fault party determining you are not really that severely injured.

Insurance Adjuster

Most people think when they file a lawsuit, the at-fault party is the one who pays. That is not exactly the case.

That person’s insurance company will be the one that receives the claim for damages filed by you, our office, or your insurer.

The insurance adjuster is there as a representative of the company and it’s their job to offer you as little as the company thinks it can get away with. The insurance company will look for cracks in your claim and not following doctor’s orders is one they will gladly pursue to your disadvantage.

On the other hand, following doctor’s orders can provide your attorney with the information they need to strengthen your case.

Doctor’s Orders

Besides your personal injury claim, the doctor is experienced on how your healing should progress if you follow his orders. A dog bite might necessitate you stay off your feet to avoid infection. An auto accident can result in whiplash, head trauma, bruises and contusions, even crushed extremities.

A head injury requires careful monitoring to make sure it does not worsen with time. It may take a long time for a head injury to heal, and this is one of the most serious of injuries from which many never recover.

If you neglect your doctor’s orders, you may possibly injure yourself further. It may not seem that the body requires so much time to heal, but you and your doctor will be the best team to decide how much you can take on and how soon.

Prepare yourself with questions for your meetings with your doctor:

  • Seek clarification on anything you do not understand
  • Have your treatment plan in writing
  • Ask family and friends to help you adhere to the doctor’s advice
  • Make sure medication is taken
  • Discuss with the doctor any barriers that may prevent you from following the plan
  • Ask the pharmacist to send refill reminders
  • Create health goals and track when you achieve them
  • Be sure to let the doctor know if you are having any setbacks or reaction to medication
  • Make sure you attend follow up visits

Your doctor will get a better understanding during the follow up visit whether you are improving as planned. If anything bothers you, or is preventing you from following doctor’s orders, that is the time to share it with the physician.

Even if it is inconvenient, remind yourself that those who follow doctor’s orders are the most likely to experience the optimum level of recovery.

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